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Cochabamba is in the Heart of Bolivia surrounded by 6 departments. Is a valley of temperate climate, of fertile lands and an exuberant vegetation. It is producing of hydrocarbons, mining and non traditional products.

Cochabamba also call the city garden of Bolivia for their beautiful landscapes and abundant parks, it was created by means of supreme ordinance January 23 1826 for the marshal Antonio José of Sucre.

Foundation.- August of 1571, 15 the captain Gerónimo of Osorio in the proximities of Kanata the Villa of Oropeza, fact happened by the viceroy's order Francisco from Toledo. A second viceregal order institutes Sebastián Barba of Padilla it founds the city January 1 from 1574 to beside the river Rocha.

Civic dates.-  September 14 in homage to the revolution of 1810, when the protomartyrs of the independence, under Esteban Arze control, Francisco del  Rivero and Melchor Guzmán Quitón, broke the chains of the Spanish yoke.

Capital.- Cercado

Population.- 1.455.711 Hab.

Surface.-  55.631 Km2

Demographic density.- 26,16 hab./Km2

Counties.- It has 16 counties

Arani, Arque, Ayopaya, Bolívar, Campero, Capinota, Carrasco, Cercado, Chapare, Esteban Arce, Germán Jordán, Mizque, Punata, Quillacollo, Tapacari y Tiraque.


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